Transform Your Life With Me

One of the things that I love about working with people is to witness the transformation that occurs when they take responsibility for their lives and step into their power and full creative potential.

I have witnessed hundreds of people’s lives CHANGE with the work that I facilitate. Why? I have the gift of understanding where a person is blocked and I am also able to see a person’s highest potential, and draw this potential out.

I work with shadow energies well – the stories that keep you small, being a victim, holding on to fear and the excuses for not moving forward.

The work I do is practical, powerful and grounded in years of personal and professional experience in this field. If you’ve hit ‘rock-bottom’, are feeling ‘stuck’, at a cross-roads in your life or can’t see the way forward – I’ll guide you in navigating this transitional space to cultivate the courage and develop the tools and mind-set to completely transform your life. My mission is for each individual on the planet to embody their personal power, connection to Spirit, and live the life of their dreams – in freedom, truth and love.

~ Beverly Culpeper ~

“Nothing I write about Beata will ever do Beata justice. So all I will say is this… If your path has crossed with Beata’s in whatever capacity, then I hope for you, the same deeply touching and transformative experience of pure truth and love.”

~ Odette Gibbs ~

“Beata’s work is of a divine order! As a holder of ceremonial space, transformation and ‘women’s medicine’, she brings strength of character and a deep presence that is both rare and unique. I look forward to further journeys in the crucible created by this amazing woman.”


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