House & Business Blessings


Home & Business Blessings

When moving from one stage of life to another, celebrating a new business endeavour or to commemorate a special occasion – a ceremony or ritual is a powerful way to clarify, enrich and honour what you are leaving and to clearly intend the next life stage that is beginning.

Whether you want to release old, unwanted energies, or to bring in a sense of peace, prosperity, and happiness into a space that is aligned with clear intentions. This ceremony can be done for a house, apartment, your place of business, or for land.

A home or business blessing is a series of techniques and intentions that I utilise to create a ceremony to anchor your highest vibration and vision into your external environment.

A house or business blessing is good after or before any of these circumstances:


  1. you have just moved into a new premise
  2. you are starting a new business, relationship or life-path
  3. after a relationship break up or
  4. any toxic situation
  5. problems with finances
  6. unhappiness in any area of your life
  7. long-term illness
  8. fears or panic
  9. addictions
  10. grief over the loss of a loved one

Key Benefits of Home and Business Blessings

  1. To create a more welcoming, loving, peaceful and abundant environment in your home, business or property
  2. To align your intentions with what you want to create in your home/ business/personal life
  3. To cleanse old energy that has been left from past events or people
  4. Enable the energies of health, prosperity, and happiness to flow more freely in your home or property.

~ Paul Duon ~

“Hi Beata, thank you so much for our house clearing, blessing and energetic re-alignment ceremony. Our unit has become more peaceful, we have re-focused our personal energies, and there is more harmony in the house. The time that you spent in our unit aligning us to our visions, giving us advice about our furniture, placement of objects and performing your smudging/ blessing ceremony has really helped to effect a change in our lives and in our living space. After meeting you and now seeing the tangible difference you made to our home, I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again ~ this was amazing!”


Each ceremony is different, special and unique for each situation – so please contact Beáta via Whatsapp +52 (998) 482 4507 to discuss requirements, investment and a suitable time to meet regarding your spiritual or shamanic ceremony.


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