Transform, Heal & Empower your life

Beáta Alföldi

Modern Medicine Woman, International Workshop Facilitator, Retreat Leader,
Keynote Speaker, Women’s Mentor, Author & Spiritual Catalyst.


  1. 1I acknowledge and hold deep respect for the traditional custodians of this land and all the countries where I am inspired to share my work with others.
  2. 2I also acknowledge the elders, teachers and wisdom keepers that I have received instruction from that continue to inform my life and work in ever enriching ways.
  3. 3I recognise the responsibility that I hold in the sharing of certain indigenous, earth-centred practices and wisdom teachings that are inherent in all traditional cultures.
  4. 4In Hungary, my country of birth and ancestral lineage, the Táltos were/are the traditional healers and shamans.
  5. 5Worldwide, it is important to note that many of the traditional earth-centred practices we share are very similar, with a deep focus on our connection with the earth, with nature, with each other, our bodies and with the Spirit that lives in all.
  6. 6Finally, I offer deep gratitude to each one of my teachers and to life itself – the greatest teacher.

My work will assist you to heal, empower and transform your life; with tools for deepening your spiritual practice, discovering your soul’s purpose and connecting with your authentic self. 
With love,  Beáta x

Work with Me

So you’re ready for a profound change in your life? There are many ways I can support your journey.

I am a medicine woman, retreat leader, spiritual catalyst, seer, ceremonialist, author and speaker. My passion is assisting individuals to realise their creative potential and discover the power within to transform, heal and empower their lives.

I believe that we all have the ability to change our lives when we realise that we have created our current circumstances. When we have the courage to take responsibility for our lives, real transformation, healing and empowerment can take place.

A 6-month live online program with Beáta.
Registration Open to 12 women for 2020! Apply here

Attending a retreat gives you the time and space to rejuvenate, step away from your daily routine, and come back to your essential nature. Authentic healing and transformation can take place when we’re not burdened with commitments, schedules and deadlines.

Spiritual Ceremonies are a dynamic, powerful and creative way to bring community together; to acknowledge and celebrate the significant moments, events and people in our lives.

Beáta is regularly sought-after for interviews, speaking engagements, ceremonies, podcasts, written contributions and guest workshops. She invites each of us to come home to our own authentic nature. To live lives that are empowered, abundant, meaningful and alive.

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