Work with me in a personalised 1:1 Live Skype sessions. I will assist you in shifting to a higher perspective of understanding and awareness.


1:1 One Hour Live Sessions

Intuitive Mentoring is a shift in perspective of understanding and awareness. Be it a limiting belief about yourself, a traumatic event, a dysfunctional relationship or a work/ life issue – together we will get to the cause of all the continued chaos, disempowerment and negative situations. In an Intuitive Mentoring Session we work together to discover the limiting beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind which create all of the situations you find yourself in. We then transform these beliefs to support a new reality that is in alignment with your highest creative potential.

What to expect

I spend a lot of time reframing your perspectives about your current situations and focus on the power you carry within rather than placing your power outside of yourself. It’s not like a traditional psychic reading because I don’t use my intuitive gifts to predict your future or talk to your guides ~ what I do is focus deeply on your energy, specifically, and find out what’s at the bottom of all the things you’re asking about (relationships, career, work, life, health, etc) and help you to remove what no longer serves you.


Through working with me as your mentor, you will receive valuable time and space to discuss professional and personal issues, and work on the things that are important to you. Mentoring gives an opportunity for constructive reflection with someone who will be open, honest and impartial. Being mentored is a challenging and thought-provoking process and a superb opportunity for your own personal development.

True power, healing and knowledge is inside of YOU.

By embarking on intuitive mentoring, you will have the opportunity to:
– Gain fresh insight into your world of work
– Gain a confidential adviser to sound out your ideas
– Gain intuitive insights into your personal life

Intuitive Mentoring is a superb opportunity to receive wisdom, insights, clarity and direction in your life!

Frequent questions

People who work with me Intuitive Mentoring Sessions report profound and durable changes, from ….health, vitality, trauma resolution, confidence, trust, relationships, connection and purpose.

Who Will Benefit From an Intuitive Mentoring Session?

These sessions help those seeking to:

  • Create important changes in their life
  • Receive understanding and clarity around life, relationships or a work situation
  • Understand what limiting beliefs are holding you back in your current life circumstance
  • Gain clarity around life-purpose, relationships, health and abundance
  • Understand your Soul’s purpose and life-path
What happens in a session?

An Intuitive Mentoring session will take 1.5 hours. At the beginning of the session, through discussion and intuitive awareness, I will help you identify what most needs your attention and expression at that time and what is currently being activated in your life.
I will use a combination of: holistic counselling, strategic coaching, sound healing, guided visualisations and other healing processes.

What techniques are used in anIntuitive Mentoring Session?

Depending on your needs, I will use a combination of:

  • Holistic Counselling
  • Strategic Coaching
  • Guided meditation and visualisation techniques
  • Connecting to higher self and spiritual guidance
  • Prophecy
  • Shamanic Counselling
  • Transpersonal life coaching
  • Mind-body counselling
  • Guided meditation and visualisation techniques
  • Spiritual and shamanic journeywork
  • Sound therapy – including drumming, bell, voice and rattle work
What can I expect after an Intuitive Mentoring Session?

You may experience relief, joy, peace, excitement or increased energy – to name a few possibilities.
This work is intended to elicit real and lasting change in your life. The real effects of the session can unfold over the following weeks, months or years.
Sometimes they are immediately obvious, while at other times the changes are of a more subtle nature. In general, nourishing yourself with lots of water, healthy food, quiet moments and time in nature helps to integrate the work you do in a session.

Ultimately it is through our ACTIONS that REAL change happens in our lives! So don’t expect your life to change if you DON’T DO THE WORK SUGGESTED TO YOU.

How many Intuitive Mentoring Sessions do I need?

Regarding an Intuitive Mentoring Session; I suggest ONE session to begin with.
After the session, you and I will have a sense of what is best for you and whether you need to do more work with me through 1:1 Intuitive Mentoring Sessions.

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Investment: USD $150
Time: 1 HR
Location: Via Skype


Don’t take my word for it,
take theirs

“ For anyone who wishes to drop the masks or the old thoughts, behaviours and patterns that no longer serve or who wishes to empower themselves to take action on high risk/difficult decisions that they don’t have the courage to make; I would highly recommend working with Beata as a catalyst for calling in change or the life that you and your soul truly craves. ”
Catherine McNally

“This is just to say an incredibly big THANK YOU for your mentorship this year. Our private 1:1 sessions were amazing – done with so much depth, humour, fun, heart and LOVE. You’re amazing. Thank you for guiding me to this point in my life. You are a gift! I would never have had the confidence to run a workshop the other evening if it wasn’t for your support. I channelled your presence there. Please keep doing what you’re doing – just WOW!”

Rachel Barry