My lifelong quest for meaning and for ways to mark life’s important moments was always going to lead me to the work of shamanism, earth-centred practices, spirituality, ceremonies and ritual work – a path that continues to enrich my life in remarkable ways.

The woman I am today along with the work I facilitate, has her origins in my personal commitment to seeking out the deeper meaning of life and the purpose of our existence.

I’ve always been drawn to the interior (Soul), to Spirit, earth, nature and life’s mysteries. The connection that I feel with my cultural ancestry, including rituals that have deep meaning and healing power is in my bloodline and heritage.

The Early Years

I was born in Hungary and at six months of age my parents escaped to Italy where we stayed in a refugee hostel, and in 1971 we immigrated to Australia to start a new life.

My parents divorced when I was four years old which led to a turbulent environment throughout my formative years. My healing solace was found through the extraordinary joy I found through dance.

Throughout my teenage years I continued to develop an incredible passion and discipline for dance and after many years of rigorous training and study, I received a scholarship to study at Durham University in North Carolina, USA.

When I was 21-years-old I moved to England and spent ten years working as a professional dancer in London’s West End. I was also blessed to travel the world in leading musical productions as a dancer, choreographer and director. It was at this time that my interest in different cultures and various spiritual and shamanic traditions started to deepen.

My Growing Interest in Shamanism

My mother explored mysticism and spirituality to which I was introduced from a very young age. However, it was when I developed chronic sciatica that an inspired commitment to my own healing path through alternative medicine, shamanism, yoga and earth-centred practices truly began.

It was also this growing interest in the mind-body connection, spirituality, metaphysics and different healing modalities that led me to becoming a certified and practising yoga teacher.

Through this exploration, I began a deep and transformational journey of healing and awakening. It was during this time that I travelled the world for training and formal study in the areas of earth-centred practices, shamanism, eco-psychology, mind-body counselling, energetic healing, ceremonial work and plant medicines.

From Grief to Purpose

I’ve always looked to life as my greatest teacher, and in 2011, life took me on the most deeply challenging journey to date, when my son Alakai died in the process of childbirth – he was full-term. During that time, I also found out that my mother was terminally ill with cancer (she has since passed) and my husband and I divorced due to the incredible strain on our relationship. I had a choice – to drown in self-pity and sorrow, or to go deep within and commit to a path of personal healing, transformation, and growth.

I will never forget the moment that I held my son’s lifeless body in my arms and made a promise to him (one of many). I shared with him that no matter how afraid I was, I would no longer postpone stepping into my life’s purpose.

A promise that I will always keep.

Alakai’s death awoke in me a joy and beauty that reconnected me to the sacredness of life in a way that inspires me each and every day. I have now come to be in an empowered and deeply life-affirming space, where I continue to explore, embrace, and step into all that I am and all that I choose to be in every moment.

In a world that generally does not embrace death as a natural part of life, we have forgotten how to live as a community.

Through my experience of deep loss, I have learned that love is the single most powerful force in the universe, and life is more precious than any of us can ever understand.

Honouring my Teachers

After becoming a certified, practising yoga teacher, I travelled the world formally studying and training in the areas of shamanism, eco-psychology, mind- body counselling, energetic healing, ceremonial work and plant medicines.

In Peru I worked with highly-esteemed indigenous and traditional medicine men and women such as Don Agustín Rivas Vásquez, Don Rubén Orellana, Rossana Nascimento, and Javier Regueiro.

Whilst my personal study with these teachers was primarily focused on working with plant medicines, I was also able to experience their unique ways of utilising healing techniques in working with different ailments, from physical trauma, addictions and illness to emotional and psychological issues.

These techniques involved soul-retrieval work, energetic extractions and deep healing involving the use of icaros (medicine songs) to move and direct energy to the group or individual.

In 2008, under the tutelage of master healers and transpersonal psychologists and counsellors, Paul Perfrement and Suzanne Lewarne, I completed a two-year program in Shamanic and Energetic Healing at The Awareness Institute in Sydney.

I received intensive training in soul-retrieval, energetic-extractions, the shamanic drum journey, core-shamanic and energetic healing techniques and principles, totem animal work, crystal therapy, medicine wheel work, ancestral lineage healing and clearing, mind-body counselling and much more.

Work With Me

My work is now inspired by the clarity that emerged with the loss of Alakai, as well as many years of study in various spiritual traditions and training in earth-centred, shamanic healing practices.

I was invited to contribute a chapter to the book Shamanism for the New Millennium, which became an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

I am also featured in the documentary film – ‘Women of Heart’ which is due to be released in 2020, globally.

I live between Mexico and Europe and travel the world each year for global retreats, conferences, speaking engagements and workshops. My services include 1:1 Skype sessions, global retreats, workshops and online programs.

I have a Bachelor of Arts (Dance), Diploma in Shamanic and Energetic Healing from The Awareness Institute in Sydney, Certificate in Yoga Teaching and have trained in Mind-Body Counselling, Shamanic Counselling, Eco-psychology, Shamanic Earth-Centred Practices, Soul-Centred Healing, Transpersonal Coaching, Crystal Therapy, Ceremonial Work, Meditation and Plant Medicines.

I am also a full member of the International Energetic Healing Association.

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