One of the biggest challenges in taking on ‘changing the world’ is that the problems seem insurmountable. Often, it means we give up, we don’t even try, we think our small efforts make no difference.

However, to live in hope – requires the notion that we can change our selves and the world and it requires our radical embodiment and action – a path that has power, purpose, magic and wisdom.

On this path, we work towards becoming vehicles for the Divine in this world.

Everyone I know on an authentic spiritual path works on herself or himself first. Without that, our work can be ego-based and damaging, both to ourselves and to others.

Each of us on this planet has a shadow aspect of self and real shadow work is vital to making a difference in the world. Why? We have to be able to understand what our issues are so that we can address the issues of the world.

Most activists are addicted to doing. Many mystics are addicted to being. However it takes an understanding of both aspects of these archetypes in order to be able to accomplish the real work of Sacred Activism.

Taking guided action, based on one’s own spiritual guidance empowers our work in an entirely different way.

Instead of operating from our own ego, we realise that when we listen and trust in the process of our lives and work with Spirit there is a divine purpose to everything.

There is a sacred power in this type of activism.

Sacred Activism demands nothing less than the true integration of matter and spirit, masculine and feminine, self and others. It is a masterful panorama of how to get from the world as it currently is to a world as it could be.

One of my favourite questions from author and mystic Andrew Harvey in his book ‘The Hope’, is one that will systematically guide anyone who asks into what their own unique path of sacred activism might be, and it is this: “What breaks your heart?”

For me, it’s the empowerment and freedom of all individuals, especially women; mostly because when we empower women we empower an entire community and everyone benefits – especially the children.

I routinely offer workshops, mentorships, global retreats and services that assist people in remembering who they are, and in understanding that authentic empowerment requires the ‘breaking free’ of all restrictions that have been placed on us from family, friends, religion and society.

“Follow your heartbreak” is Andrew Harvey’s truly inspired variation on the well-known quotation from Joseph Campbell’s – ‘Follow your bliss.” The most fascinating thing about Andrew Harvey’s work is that the heartbreak will take us right to our bliss if we pursue our own spiritual work and take guided action to birth the new planet that is ALREADY rising.

This time, more than ever before, requires us to be vigilant in our daily spiritual practices, to stay deeply embodied and present, forge networks and connections with likeminded individuals and create a global revolution of people who are creating effective, long-lasting and conscious change.

WE are all shared caretakers of this incredible planet, all sentient beings and of each other – it’s time to RISE IN LOVE.