The word “transformation” first became popular during the 1960s and 1970s as a new era of spirituality began to emerge. For ‘new-age seekers’ it was a word associated with spiritual awakening, though its deeper meaning remained largely unexplored for quite some time. However, in the 80s and 90s, the word took the corporate world by storm as a trendy synonym for change and by the start of the new millennium it had become so mainstream and common that it was used by many government agencies. The spiritual significance of the word had become completely obscured and I now see why having walked my own spiritual path on this particular topic.

Having the courage to walk a true spiritual path transforms the very nature of our being and by walking this path we become an entirely different person from the one in which we had identified with before; undergoing a metamorphosis, which by its very own nature is often painful. The journey of transformation in this context is light years away from the popular notion that we often read about in most of the spiritual and new age material on this topic today. It is not a glorified ‘bells and whistles’ affair where you will experience instant enlightenment and then your life changes forever. It is real, raw, painful and wild in its sweeping away of your foundations, beliefs and perceptions of reality, and it is a slow process that takes years of self-reflection and deep inner work.

Often this type of deep spiritual transformation and awakening begins with an event or personal experience that shakes your foundations to the core and turns your world upside down and until that moment of awakening, which is often experienced with an ‘opening of the heart’ and consequent sensing of the oneness of all life; the human soul is imprisoned by the matrix of material forces in which it dwells.

On the path of transformation, these material forces are transmuted into spiritual energies and gifts such as wisdom, love, compassion and a higher purpose in life. Technically speaking, the process of transformation occurs in three stages. The terms used to describe these stages of development are:  transmutation, transformation, and transfiguration. Lifetimes are required to complete the metamorphosis that culminates at the stage of transfiguration, which is when the divine light of the Soul pours down upon the outer persona and changes it ~ permanently.

Ultimately, through such a transformation the individual comes to recognize the divinity in ALL. Divine qualities seeded in every soul at the start of our evolutionary journey begin to manifest in the life of the individual. Beauty, truth, wisdom, grace, love and compassion ~ largely hidden until now behind the mask of the persona, are increasingly revealed. The ‘downpouring’ energies of ones Higher Self transform the individual into an instrument for divine expression. The individual is becoming a soul-infused personality, directed from within by the spiritual self.

My own ‘Journey to Soul’ through spiritual transformation really began about two years ago at a time when I thought I had lost everything in my life. When I say everything, I really mean it: my son, my husband, my finances and my home. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had also found everything in the process.

What I have come to learn is that we must face all of the darkness, grief and pain if we are to truly transform and be able to rename any powerful experience in our lives and claim the gifts of such an experience.

My life is completely different in every sense of the word from two years ago and I am no longer the same person after such a deep journey. However, I am much ‘richer’ in every sense of the word and have found my true spiritual vocation and calling. I now experience a deeper sense of connection, love, compassion and joy in a way that I hadn’t before. I know the impermanence of absolutely everything in this life and in that knowing I have liberated myself from fear.

This is a powerful place for me to be in at this point in my life and in many ways I have come HOME to a place of FREEDOM that is not governed by any external factors in my life; this is our natural state of Being, we have just forgotten it along the way. This conditioned fear has been perpetuated time and time again through society, education, unconscious parenting and media.

It is time for all of us to stop playing so safe and small in our lives and make a difference in the world. It is time for all of us to find the courage to take the path of spiritual and personal transformation ~ that ‘Journey to Soul’.

I promise you ~ it’s worth it!